This article explains how to collect a log using the Console. A log is useful when something goes wrong with an application — for example, it stops responding or something disappears — but it doesn't quit unexpectedly.

Step 1

Quit Pixelmator Pro.

If Pixelmator Pro is open, quit the application. To do that, choose Pixelmator Pro > Quit Pixelmator Pro from the menu bar at the top of your screen.

Step 2

Open Spotlight.

To open Spotlight, click the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the menu bar, or press Command-Space from any app.

Step 3

Find the Console.

After opening Spotlight, type the word 'Console' and press the Return key.

Step 4

Open Pixelmator Pro and reproduce the issue.

Once you've opened the Console, open Pixelmator Pro and go through the steps that previously caused the issue to occur.

Step 5

Find Pixelmator Pro logs in the Console.

In the upper-right corner of the Console, type the words 'Pixelmator Pro' into the search field and press the Return key.

Step 6

Select the logs.

Click the first result to select it. Then, choose Edit > Select All, and Edit > Copy.

Step 7

Paste the logs into a text file.

Open the TextEdit app and paste the logs into a text file. Save the file.

Step 8

Send the logs to us.

Once you have saved the logs, email the TextEdit file to us at along with any other relevant information, such as a crash report.