You may want to perform a reset of your Pixelmator Pro presets in cases where you're experiencing unexpected behavior with the default presets or preset library (e.g. missing default presets). A reset of your Pixelmator Pro preset preferences can instead help in cases where you're experiencing other preferences-related issues with Pixelmator Pro or the Pixelmator Pro Photos extension. You may also want to send your Pixelmator Pro basic preference files to us for troubleshooting purposes.

You can perform all of the above with a few clicks by downloading and running this script on your Mac. If you'd like to perform the reset manually, you can also follow the steps below.

Note: if you’d like to perform a full reset of Pixelmator Pro, make sure to also reset your Pixelmator Pro tool settings, cache, and document data.

Manually reset your Pixelmator Pro presets and/or related preferences.

  1. Quit Pixelmator Pro (Pixelmator > Quit Pixelmator Pro).
  2. Open the Finder and choose Go > Go to Folder. Paste the following path: ~/Library/Group Containers .
  3. Inside the Group Containers directory, find the folder called ''.
  4. Deleting the entire folder from the Group Containers directory performs a full reset of both your Pixelmator Pro presets and basic preferences. If you only wish to reset one or the other, enter the Library folder inside and follow the steps below:
    • In order to manually reset your Pixelmator Pro preset-related preferences, locate the folders named 'Preferences' and delete it.
    • In order to manually reset your Pixelmator Pro presets, locate the folder named 'Application Support' and delete it.

Note: Resetting the Pixelmator Pro presets will delete all your custom brushes, shapes and other custom presets. In order to preserve them, you'll need to use Pixelmator Pro to export them to your device before performing the reset, and re-import them afterwards.