This article explains how to share images, Pixelmator documents, and other files with us to make it easier to reproduce the issues you find. Any time a particular file is causing you trouble, it's a good idea to email it to us so we could investigate.

Step 1

Open Safari and navigate to
Open Safari (or any other web browser) and type '' in the address bar. Or click here.

Step 2

Upload the files.
To upload a file, click the Choose Files button, locate the file you'd like to upload and click Choose in the bottom-right corner of the dialog. You can also upload several files at once or one by one.

Step 3

Copy the address generated.
After doing this, a URL that lets us find and download your file will appear on the page. Control-click the link (or links) and choose Copy Link.

Step 4

Paste the link into your response.
Paste the links into your email to us — we'll then be able to download the files.